Purchase the Membership card of 2022 for only 1000 UAH

december 28 2021

Don’t lose the chance to make a gift to your beloved friends, family, close people and, of course, yourself!


– I have already spent 1000 UAH from E-pidtrimka. What should I do?

– Don’t worry, the 50% discount for the Membership card of 2022 is active and valid till the end of February. You can buy the discount Membership with another card!

–  When will I get the Membership cards if I bought it for myself?

– You can get it in spring, when the Green theatre opens. Please, store the screenshot proving the payment done for the cashier of the theatre.

– What if I purchased the Membership card as a gift to a friend? How do I get the Membership card to present it?

– If you have purchased the Membership card as a gift, please, store the screenshot proving the payment and demonstrate it to the receptionist in Dia.Business (Odessa, Grecheskaya str. 1a) and get a certificate instead. In the beginning of the season of 2022 this certificate will be exchanged to a Membership card.

 – When will the Membership card be active?

–  From the first day of the opening in 2022

 – What if Google/Apple Pay fail to make my payment? 

– Try to feed the information personally

– Can I buy several Membership cards?

– Sure, just make the necessary payment.

 – What if I have already spent the part of the “E-pidtrimka” money on other services? May I pay part of the Membership’s price with “E-pidtrimka”card and the rest with any other card?

–  Yes, you may. You just need to store two screenshots/receipts proving the payment.

You may learn about the program here!