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«The art belongs to the mob»

Author: WE BAD
Instagram: @hi.webad

Elaborating the projects for leading brands, groups, factories, companies the project “The art belongs to the mob” by WE BAD for the Green Theatre is the biggest. It is the work with context, happening here and now. The group watches and celebrates the life of people surrounding us. They bring their ironical attitude into the narration of the theatre, underlining the nature winning over the space of the theatre. The idea of nature inspires artistic unity most of all and it is felt in the Green Theatre.

«Green theatre —where plants and insects are actors»

Author: Alevtina Kakhidze
Instagram: @truealevtina

Green theatre invited the conceptual artist, performer and gardener Alevtina Kahidze to work with the local space. In cooperation with experts in botany, Kakhidze offered 7 scenarios for theatrical performances, played by plants and insects in the theatrical kitchen garden. The people are only spectators. All the performances can be viewed in summer in the theatre or online.

Theatrical performances in the kitchen garden are called: “Love triangle”, “People and bugs prefer different arugula”, “Who comes?”, “Waiting for butterflies”, “Earth’s debt”, “Partially ready to die for you”.


Author: Anton Logov
Instagram: @antonlogov

The city council of Odessa planned to create a pond in the shape of the Black and Azov Seas together with the Crimean peninsula on the territory of the modern Green Theatre in the 1870s. They wanted to surround the reservoirs with small architectural forms honouring the sea cities. The idea didn’t live long: benches and alcoves were dismissed from the plan. The shape was simple eventually. Odessa citizens started using the dug up hole for playing football. Green theatre was born out of this hole.

Coming back to the beginnings of the theatre, Logov highlights the water as the basics of life. Another nature or the state of water - a fountain. Fountain is movement, which traces the beauty of life and transient character of time.

This sculpture is created out of the chairs of the Green Theatre. It is about modern people, who used to sit on them; about their thoughts, emotional conditions and expectations. This is a historic moment, fixed in time, which washed away temporary and unimportant things.


Author: Vasya Dmytryk
Instagram: @vasyadmytryk

Fire is one of the universal beginnings of explaining the world. Fire and warmth bring back the memories - the simplest and the most decisive experience for every person. Fire lives in different spaces: deep down underground and high in the sky. It lives in the heart and soul of every person.

Through the naiv understanding of the phenomenon of fire by the unconscious; the fire is understood as a personality. It becomes a character. Either a protagonist or an antagonist - it’s for the viewer to choose. The object is the first sculpture from the series of images of classical material forces of nature.

No name

Author: EtchingRoom
Instagram: @etching.room1

The objects of this series can be considered as the reaction to pandemic and necessary living in your own flat. Was this privacy and is it a part of a closed world?

Solitude of characters in his works, their conscious choice of interaction with plants and animals speak of a problem of disengagement, impossibility of communication.

Why does that happen? Does that happen because of the language, values, hierarchical society or because we find it difficult to care for other people and the majority thinks that the scope of personal responsibility and care does not exceed the borders of the flat? That is why these microworlds of neighbouring windows are so different in the evenings - life there is full of either pain and poverty or coziness and comfort.

“Handmade image of evil deeds of contemporary society”

Author: Roman Domashych

Modern world is really active and transient. Each decade is crucially different, changeable and impresses with its novelty. We live in a period of fast-moving progress when standards, stereotypes, and stable systematic norms change. Progress together with new systems of survival brought forward indifference, malevolence and inactivity.

Life moves fast, the news only exists for two hours. Revolutions, wars, terrorist attacks are far away, important and still just a way to spend your evening time, drinking beer and watching them as reality-show. It seems like this speed brought in our reality the feelings of early childhood, when we used to live emotionally and instinctively. Childhood cruelty, laughter and indifference were the foundation of existence through the fast-moving time. This grew to the level of counties. If a crime, despotism, violence happen, grown up people wearing expensive jackets and ladies in fancy dresses are capable of only expressing their apprehension, transferring the information and expressing their compassion sometimes.

Like it happened in childhood. Childhood cycle is the system of our existence.

«Wind rose»

Author: Aleksei Zolotariov
Instagram: @zolotariov_o

Wind rose is a symbol of searching new ways developing freely all over. It is a symbol of balance and value in one and the same time.

The author uses simple triangular forms


Author: Dmitriy Grek

What makes the man conquer the lands? The need for new impressions, an attempt to understand himself and the inner world? Travelling sharpens the senses. Emotions influence perception of the world view. As the genuine art capable of calling to action, so is the long trip revealing the man.

The author thinks it's important for a traveller to share his or her impressions with the surrounding. A boat travelling through space and time should be considered as the cradle of civilization, society, family. The wave rocking the boat is a powerful and independent force of nature, the surrounding socium. The man exists in two spaces: overboard in a troubled world full of adventure and on board a boat - at home, where peace rules.

«Rebellious Colossus»

Author: Egor Zigura

It is a central figure of the cycle “AfterToday”. The project consists of a series of Colossuses, each of them reflecting one or another condition of the society or the inner disturbance of the author himself. This is the only character of the series calling for action. It shifted from static to movement. The scream came out of the calmness and quietness. 

Diptych «Awakening»

Author: Egor Zigura

Diptych “Awakening” depicts the moment of the awakening of the “free spirit” of man when the modern civilization of consumption is in its critical stage of development. The mankind needs to consider itself beyond the phantom ideas, doubtful values and vain endeavours. It needs to get the hope for the future full of spiritual values being the basis from olden times. This is the reason for appealing to the Greek art, culture which greatly influenced the whole Europe by its high aesthetic and moral ideals. It makes senses.

The body is fading - it is the allegory of the spirit. The body dies and is not capable of action. We do not notice that in the modern world, not knowing that our being sleeps and dies gradually as it is not necessary for existence in the society of material values. It is of great importance for us to wake up.

The city, Regular planning

Author: Nikita Zigura

The art object consists of three absolutely similar parallelograms reminiscent of skyscrapers and being placed on a similar distance from each other. The distance equals the width of the parallelogram. It is absolute symmetry.

The objects differ from each other only by main shades: yellow, red and black. These are the colours of the Earth in different parts of the world. The Steppe chernozem of Ukraine is being displayed for our view. We also notice the red land of Spain and the yellow semidesert.

If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that everything has been made of garbage. Judging by the sample of the land you may determine that the contents of the land has totally changed. Why has it happened? Probably because the majority of the population are indifferent to the land and fill it with chemicals. We change the environment to our view despite the attitude of the world itself.

Minin Board

Author: Roman Minin

Minin Board is a transportation means for all the searchers of new knowledge in the abyss of information. The sculpture is created of rust proof weathering steel which is not in any case suitable for surfing the waves. The super realistic nature of the concept is being underlined as an allegory of personal utopia.

Miner Rugby Player

Author: Roman Minin

The artist has materialized the image of a player. His figure reminds one of a pawn - a plain player, hard-working toy soldier. Accurate forms look like they are filled with monumental beauty, artistic energy. The artist concentrates the energies of two male professions in one form. The war is going on, only the characters and the opportunities of  armed forces change. This sculpture is an allegory of the American geopolitical vector influencing the culture and the mentality of Ukraine.