Land Lease contract of the Green theatre has been prolonged till 2052!

august 13 2021

Dear theatre lovers!

It was only yesterday as we thought that every new theatre season would be the last one. Now we have hope. Green theatre will exist! Not for 1 year or two, but possibly 30 more seasons.

Today after a long struggle with the developers theatre’s patron Egor Grebennikov has purchased the buildings of the Green theatre situated on the land acquiring the lease right till 2052. We would like to remind you that it was his initiative to revitalise it in 2015, develop it and become a space uniting more than 600 thousand guests annually from all over Ukraine and other corners of the world.  

Case of the Green theatre is unique for Ukraine. It is an extraordinary case when a cultural event space went through a long way, was renewed and got hope for a big future. From now on neither we nor all the Odessa citizens are bound by land lease contracts, which were difficult to be prolonged and caused misunderstanding. Now we have hope that the theatre will exist here in the near future. Together with our team and guests. 

We will share our big cultural plans in future. So far we let ourselves fantasise about the theatre in the next decade. About the season of 2052 for instance. Speaking of which, you’re already invited!